Friday, January 30, 2015

Past week food, exercise, PT and mfp app

Hi All!  This past week my food was spot on from Sunday through this evening.  By spot on I mean I ate only foods on the Master Grocery List (MGL).  Where I didn't succeed in food was eating enough calories each day. 
I need to figure out how to eat more foods from the MGL to get my daily caloric needs.  I also worked all week long on attempting to get my macronutrients aligned in the correct sequencing.  The Proteins, Carbs and Fats are supposed to be 40/30/30.  I didn't get those aligned 100% until this evening with today's total food intake.  I still didn't get enough calories though.
Below are some screen snapshots from the Samsung smart phone of myfitnesspal food tracking.  Let's start with Sunday:
I set a goal of eating 1530 calories per day for the first 14 days.  On Sunday I only ate 1390 and came up 140 calories short of goal.  This graph only shows what I ate for breakfast.  I also ate lunch and dinner and had a snack.  I eat a HUGE salad every day of fresh greens like lettuce/spring mix, kale and/or spinach with at least raw vegetables and usually some meat like grilled chicken.  For dinner I will have a meat entrĂ©e with a couple types of vegetables and usually coffee.
From Sunday's pie chart you can see that my goal for macronutrients of 40/30/30 turned out to be 34% protein, 16% carbs and 34% fats.  That didn't meet the balance I was seeking for macronutrients, but I was way below on the calories consumed, so I will lose weight.
Here is a look at Wednesday's charts:
I had an 4 egg white scrambled omelet with one yolk and a small apple, coffee with half and half and stevia for breakfast.  A light lunch because we were invited to Diana's brothers house for dinner.  The majority of my calories were at his house for dinner.  I had 3 servings of boneless pork loin, green beans, mashed potatoes, and one butter biscuit.  For dessert I had sliced strawberries with black berries and key lime organic yogurt dripped over the top of the fruit.  This next photo shows the nutrients:
The macro nutrients were closer to goal of 40/30/30.  They were 40% protein, 25% carbs and 35% fat.  This is a also a pretty good fat burning ratio.

Now for todays graphs:
I ate 1401 calories but was still 129 below what I wanted my daily total to be.  I had oatmeal with blueberries, coffee with half and half and stevia, grilled chicken and 1 hard boiled egg for my protein.  After my workout this morning I had a scoop of whey protein with a banana mixed in. 
Because I am eating only natural foods (very little to no processed foods and zip processed sugars) I am not experiencing food cravings.  I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. (mostly)  Sometimes I am aware that I am going to bed at night on a mostly empty stomach.  Getting a taste of fat after dinner helps take the edge off of any food cravings.  It can be a spoon of almond butter, a hard boiled egg, or a spoon of Medium chained triglycerides (mct).  A half an avocado or some raw walnuts also works.
So here above is what I am shooting for each day.  I achieved it only once this week and today was the day.  The 40/30/30 macro nutrient combo.  40 percent protein, 30 percent carbs and 30 percent fats.  Why?  Because combined with lowered calorie intake, this macronutrient formula is supposed to be optimal for burning the fat from your body without sacrificing any muscle tissue.
The men and women that stick to this formula of eating long enough, are the ones with the lean muscle tissue a.k.a. the beach bodies.
I had a beach body when I was close to 300 pounds.  I came back with a sunburn and three harpoon wounds.  People were crying - FREE WILLY!
So why am I doing this now that I'm "old" and closer to 60 than 55?  Because I need to be in the best physical condition I can be to complete the Spartan races I am doing this year.  Also because I see so many men in my age group that are quitting early.  By quitting I mean little to no exercise and eating as many donuts as they want.  Then they wonder why they got type II diabetes in their 50's when they never had it before.
Also, as a member of the local military funeral honor guard, I have literally been to dozens of graveside funeral services for men no older than myself.  And none of them died running a Spartan race.  But the cause of their death was lifestyle related.
I had another physical therapy session this week.  I told my PT that I wanted to start on my shoulder for next week.  I'll keep working on my back PT but I need to get my shoulder going.  She agreed and next week I'll get an hour of PT instead of the 30 minute sessions.
We have five people signed up for the Spartan Beast May 10th.  Me (58) Chris (49) Bret (34) and two ladies - Kathey (47) and Devin (37).  Bret figures a few more will sign up before the end of March.  Once again I'm the dinosaur.
For the Spartan Sprint we have only 3 teammates so far.  Me (58) Jennifer (51) and Kathey (47). 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Operation Blackstrap molasses ended early

I need to stop taking my daily dose of blackstrap molasses.  In my case, it has nothing to do with blood sugar issues.  It's that I am eliminating all refined carbs for the next 90 days, and it is on the list.  I will still be taking my PABA and eating my weekly liver and onions.

Here is a photo of the wife and I from November 27th, 2014 (Thanksgiving day)
November 27, 2014
And below is a picture of the two of us from this morning:
January 25, 2015
I originally started the gray hair project -December 16, 2014 - Getting rid of gray the natural way.  I haven't skipped a single day of black strap molasses.  So it's been about six weeks now.  If there is any change the results are negligible at best.  It could be no change other than the lighting in the room. 
Today I finish up making copies of the workout sheets and getting those organized.  Tomorrow I plan to jump into the workout mode in the mornings and walk 5 miles in the afternoon. 
I'd like to say that I will do this six days a week and mean it.  The only person I need to convince is myself.  I have got to find that "winner" mind frame and stay completely focused. 
My mojo is around here somewhere.  I just need to find it and keep it.  I need that fire in the belly feeling.