Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Saturday night and I...

Well...I do got somebody. ;) My wife.

I'm feeling pretty good today.  The past week my workouts have been so so, but I have been working up a sweat and getting my heart rate up.  They haven't been full bore, all out workouts for at least a month.  On the plus side...unlike training for the Spartan Sprint last May...I didn't bruise my leg really bad or need to see a doctor for a bump in my leg that caused great pain.
Today like many times since I signed up for the Dallas Spartan Beast last July...I hiked up to Mount Helena using the Power Line Trail.  This is the view of the east side of town from up at the top:
When you hike the Power Line trail (according to the GPS function on my smartphone) it is 0.96 of one mile from bottom to top.  You cannot tell from this photo, but most of the trail is steep and rocky.  There have been days in the past two months where I hiked up and down the trail twice in the same hike, just to get my body used to the altitude and the incline.
I met my dental hygienist as I was starting my hike, and she and her beagle hound dog were ending theirs.  I have an appointment with her in December.  She told me to bring photos from the obstacle course race in Dallas with me.  She's a very nice lady that reminds me of Farrah Fawcett when she was about 40 years old.  Fit and pretty.  She (my dental hygienist) and her husband have never ran an obstacle course race, but they do run half marathons.
I have my suitcase packed already.  Tomorrow I will go through the checklist to make absolutely sure I've packed everything I want to take to Dallas.  After that I'll zip the suitcase back up and load it in my truck Wednesday, so I don't have to think about it Thursday morning.
Helena has a small airport.  The long term parking lot (where you park your vehicle when you are out of town) only holds about a hundred cars maximum, and that is probably a high guess.  But in the year 2014, Helena's airport charge for long term parking is three dollars per day.  But it gets better.  Paying what you owe is on the honor system!  There are no gates in the parking lot, or security guards.  There is a wooden drop box at the EXIT.  The wooden drop box is where you put your money or personal check, to pay for the number of days you used the long term parking lot.  I'll be out of town four days, so I'll write a personal check for twelve dollars, to put in the wooden box when I return from my out of town trip. 
What other Capitol City in America is that folksy?  None.  Click on the link for Parking:
So I'm getting excited at being in Texas in five days!!!  I've rented a car at the airport and am ready to play.  The Spartan Website has our team start time posted.  We start the obstacle course race at 12:15 p.m. on Saturday, November 1st.   I would have liked an earlier start time.  But one life lesson I keep learning over and over is that you can't always get what you want. 
My next blog post will be after I return from Texas.  I return November 3rd, but don't know how quickly I'll be able to post with pictures, but I'll try and get to it before that Friday - the 7th.  AROO !!

Friday, October 17, 2014


The clock is ticking. Tick, tock, tick, tock.  I am scheduled to arrive in Dallas, Texas around noon on October 30th.  OMG!
I would be lying if I said I wasn't aware of what is happening down there with the EBOLA.  You'd have to not have a television, radio, computer, smart phone or newspaper to be unaware at this point.
What I find very interesting is that both nurses that got infected, and worked at the hospital where patient zero (the man from Africa) was treated...both have been moved to other hospitals across the country.  One was moved to Georgia and the other to Maryland.
The Infectious Disease Expert Doctors have stated that the school Officials that closed schools in Texas and Ohio have overreacted over EBOLA fears.
The fact that both nurses that worked with the EBOLA patient from Africa at the Texas hospital have been moved to other hospitals in other states indicates many things to me, I'll just mention a couple.
1.  It indicates to me that perhaps hospitals in Texas are ill equipped to deal with Ebola.
2.  It may be a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE from the CDC concerning Texas hospital's abilities.
So far...and I mean so far as of this writing...only health care workers in direct contact with Patient Zero have gotten infected.  That may or may not change over the course of the next thirteen days.
Dallas Country Officials Decide Against Disaster Declaration as officials continued to try to assure the public that the United States is prepared to prevent an outbreak.  WTH!
It's been my casual observation that more often than not, economic policy trumps public safety when politicians are making command decisions.
So what do I do?  Well...I'm still training.  My suitcase is packed.  And I watch, and I wait.  If between now and flight time, the number of EBOLA cases spills out of the immediate health care worker arena and into the general population, I've got to weigh the reality against the fears, and come to the best decision regarding travel for me, my family members in Montana, and those I may come in contact with. 
Can you imagine the health risk implications if a restaurant worker handling your food became infected and just assumed they had the flu?  Or a massage therapist?  It can get frightening.
I may take extra precautions in Dallas for the Spartan Beast.  It would be a little uncomfortable and may slow down my time a bit, but I'm considering extra personal protective clothing:
I'm just kidding here.  Trying to ease concerns with bad humor.
My family members in Dallas, Texas are pretty much silent on the whole EBOLA situation on public media. (facebook)  I guess they don't want to jinx themselves.  No one wants to be a fear monger, but at the same time, no one wants to put themselves at unnecessary risk for exposure.  I don't want to.
Here is hoping that by some massive stroke of good luck, that the CDC will get a handle on this situation and soon.  Otherwise, we will see more of these walking the city streets: