Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday update

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We did.  This past week I have been doing manual labor like it was my full time job.  My outdoor spring cleaning duties involved mowing, raking, bagging and cleaning up after the deer that have been here all winter.  All in preparation for our annual Easter egg hunt.  In addition I am still working on the horizontal ladder.  It is hung and the A framework was done on the beams.  The A framework is temporary and used to keep the posts aligned and leveled.  Once the cement is dry the boards for the A frame will be removed.  Now I just need to finish pouring the concrete into the post holes, letting it set, and then painting the thing.  The main hold has been the weather hasn't been warm enough for cement work.  I did get one started (post hole poured) late yesterday afternoon and then the wind started blowing and I was too pooped to keep going.
My wife broke a family tradition of hers that goes back 40 some years.  Instead of hosting an Easter afternoon dinner as she has always done...this year we hosted an Easter Brunch.  So instead of having guests arrive before 2 p.m., we started at 11 a.m.  She liked it so much that we plan to do a repeat next year.  I think everyone else liked it as well.
Afterwards we let the granddaughters hunt for the eggs we hid.  The weather was cool but sunny.  I think it may have warmed up to 60 degrees at the most.
My left leg is healing up nicely from the bruising it took 12 days ago.  My right knee has no visible injury but it is still giving me some grief.  I'm not training as vigorously (read jogging and jumping) so that I make it worse before Spartan day.  Which is just 20 days from today.  Okay here are some pictures:  Be sure to click to enlarge.
Two friends from the Spartan team came over Saturday and helped me move the bars out of the garage and hang them in the backyard.  I didn't have the cement mixer assembled, so I thanked them for their help and sent them on their way.  After I got it assembled, I poured one post hole and called it a day.
The picture above is what the bruise looked like 5 days after the injury and the picture below is...
from today.  Gross veins aside, it is healing rather quickly for an older guy.  Easter Sunday is always picture day around here.  So here are some of the Easter daughters/granddaughters...
And below are the Easter moms and Nana...
A couple years ago I learned how to make hulu hoops, so now it's become part of Easter in the backyard (garden for those British folks)
Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and get up to 70 degrees, so I'll be busy trying to finish the cement work on the posts and moving dirt.  Tues and Weds are colder with possible rain showers.  Stay true to yourself in all things, because in the's your opinion of how you did that matters most.  Have an awesome week!