Thursday, July 30, 2015

Deck finished and over 150 miles this month

The deck is finally finished!  Here are a couple pictures.  The first is what it used to look like in 2003, 2007, & 2015 before I had it rebuilt and the last deck photo at the bottom is what it now looks like.
December 2003 above
July 2007 above
Above is what is looked like in June 2015, before I tore it off and hired the contractors to rebuild it.
July 30, 2015 - the finished product
I preferred the design of the old deck.  Unfortunately, because we raised the deck so that the top surface was flush with the entrance to the front door, we had to create two additional steps and make the deck surface a little smaller.  Because of the location of the underground sprinkler systems and the bushes on either side of the deck, we couldn't extend the surface of the deck.  We had to design it within the confines of the previous structure.  But at least it is done, and I won't have to see those slow slackers again.   At least not on a job at my house.
I suppose rhetorically speaking that we (human beings) are a lot like my deck.  When you're fresh and new, you're sturdy and built to last.  Then over time with age, stress and exposure to the elements, you lose that freshness and strength you once had.  You get faded, your frame gets weak and your outside looks old and in need of repair.  You get a temporary face lift in the form of a few boards replaced and a new paint job, but eventually you will be removed and replaced with another that is fresh and new materials and built better.  And so it is with life.  I hope I used rhetorically correctly.
So I took an evening bike ride after dinner.
July 30th bike ride -
Previous miles to complete were 604.52.  Today I rode 5.46 miles.
604.52 - 5.46 (mile biked) = 599.06 miles to complete.  So I've walked about 100 miles and rode my bicycle about 50 miles this month.  My brother still plans on me going to Sturgis and Mount Rushmore with him.  That will be mid next week if it happens.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More deck update news and another long bike ride

Monday rained all day long.  It was a good soaking.  So of course no progress was made on the deck.  Tuesday late afternoon a couple guys showed up.  The first picture below is what the deck looked like on Sunday.  The picture below is what it looked like after the two guys were here 3.5 hours.
July 26th - top photo
July 28th.  They added a couple pieces of vinyl lattice, and moved some building materials around.  That took 3.5 hours???   Below is what they accomplished July 29th.
They showed up before 9:00 a.m. (first time ever), left for lunch and didn't return the rest of the day.
I didn't get any walking in Monday because of the rain.  Tuesday I fired up the weed trimmer and the lawn tractor and gave the grass a good cutting.  I have an apple tree in the backyard.  It grows a green/yellow apple.  The previous home owner planted that tree.  We don't like the apples.  Yesterday I must have picked up a couple hundred apples that dropped to the ground underneath the tree from the winds and rain we had.  I should have a compost heap.  Instead I just dumped them behind the pine trees by the back fence.
So today I went on a long bicycle ride.  The temperature was 82 Fahrenheit with a wind of 15 mph.
It was slower peddling nearly all the way.  First, because it is a slow steady climb in elevation into town.  Secondly, the wind was 15 mph in my face.  Then when I turned around to come back home the winds shifted and they were still in my face.
So per my Sunday July 26, 2015 post, I had 625.85 miles to complete by December 31st, 2015.  Today I rode my bicycle 21.33 miles.
625.85 - 21.33 (miles biked) = 604.52 miles to complete
Hopefully I'll get that 4.52 miles out of the way before August 1st.