Sunday, September 14, 2014

Spartan Training in the backyard

Okay...not my backyard.  It was at Angie's.  Her husband Chris built a stand for the hay bales and so I got some real life type practice on those at 10 yards from target.
The rope climb is only 12 feet high, but we train with what we've got.  I used a concrete block and chain for the "tractor pull" and the truck tire I am flipping is a little over 200 pounds heavy. 
I gave Angie my 14 inch box jump, so while I was over there I jumped on that.  I have my 20 inch box at home in the garage.  The sandbag I am jogging with is a 40 pound bag. 
The hay bales were fun to spear.  I used hoe handles you can get at Home Depot and very large nails to make the spears.  I edited out all the missed shots. was fun making this "training" video.

64 year old great grandmother competes in bikini contest

One word - wow!