Sunday, March 29, 2015

Raising the bar on Spartan training

My last post was the 22nd of March.  We had hiked to the top of Mount Helena City Park.  Since then it's gone like this:
March 25: Hike to the top with Chris.  Then he ran down 1906 and I walked as fast as I safely could down Powerline.  We met up in the parking lot.
March 26th: Chris and I teamed up for a Spartan workout on our obstacle course.  It was an intense non stop hour.  We just did one obstacle after another after another.  The only break was in between each obstacle we threw the spear into the straw bales.  Our last obstacle and the 4th time we did it that evening was the 6 and 1/2 foot high wall.  Then we jumped over a "mock" fire pit and called it quits.
March 27th:  I had to hike up to the top alone and earlier because of appointments and funerals to attend.
There were about 40 deer at the cemetery that afternoon.  Here is a picture of just some of them from my truck window:
And below are eight of us on the military funeral honor guard.  There are about 25 volunteer members, mostly older veterans and retired.  I've never seen all 25 of us show up for a funeral though.  That would be interesting.  There were 12 of us on this day, but only 8 in the photos.
March 28th:  Another obstacle course workout, though not as intense as earlier in the week.
March 29th:  Another hike to the top of the mountain.  This time we took the route down I discovered earlier in the week and jogged most of the way down.  Running downhill has all kinds of strength development properties.  The tricky part is not falling.  We succeeded in jogging down the mountain without falling.  Hoorah for our success.
Chris is a great workout companion for my abilities.  He is faster than I am going up and going down the mountain.  That really pushes me.  But he doesn't leave me in the dust.  He challenges me to push harder, but holds back for me when I'm getting close to empty.  I appreciate that.  I am stronger than he is on some of the obstacles.  That makes it challenging for him to match my abilities in lifting and carrying, climbing or flipping.  So we feed off one another.  Plus he has a terrific attitude and is easy to get along with.
I'm not going to post for a couple weeks.  I am taking the wife on a Spring Break Road trip.  We have new adventures to discover in the South Western United States.  I will workout when I can and keep eating responsibly because I don't want to lose my momentum.  Keep living your life the best that you can because as the soap opera title goes...One life to live!  Cheers!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday hike and blurry selfie

This afternoon we (Chris, Ang and I) hiked to the top of Mount Helena.  We used Powerline 100% of the way up.  I don't normally do this.  Usually I hike Powerline 95 percent of the way up and the last 5 percent I take the Powerline alternate which merges onto 1906.  That last 5 percent is roughly as steep as hiking up a slope that looks like this symbol /  Hiking up a slope that looks like this /  really works your heart, your lungs, your legs.
Today someone passed me going up the last 5 percent and he was jogging it.  The joggers take tiny little baby jogging steps, but they are relentless.  They just keep going and going and going.
So here's our picture at the top of the summit:
I also took a selfie today.  I was running late and did not have time to retake.  The fitness fb group I belong to has us post updates every few weeks.  It's all voluntary.  I'm getting leaner and stronger, but still have that stubborn belly fat.  So I'm still moving forward.  I'm not giving up. 
I think I've figured out that it is up to us whether we succeed or fail at goal setting.  Well...duh!?!  Nothing like stating the obvious.  We can make excuses all our life or we can buckle down and make the hard choices and do the work required to make our goals our reality.  I suppose that's easy to say since I haven't reached my own personal fitness goals yet.  I hope to make 2015 the year I do it.  If not, I'll just keep plugging away, and chipping away until it happens.  Just do it!